myWobble is a private, portable, intuitive personal genomics analysis app. myWobble transforms genetic data files to easily interpretable and visualized information. myWobble empowers individuals to upload, privately store, and subsequently manage personal genetic profiles. – myWobble connects you to published data for any genetic variation in your data file that is linked to published information- including ancestry, health profile, potential resistance or hypersensitivity to certain marketed drugs, and traits predicting certain physical features. – myWobble provides connection between your genetic sequence data and the evolving real-time published body of scientific data that supports sequence variations in your genome. – Once uploaded into myWobble, genetic data files are stored on your personal device and are password protected to maintain your privacy. – Users can upload multiple data files and compare them to each other. – Users can import different genetic sequence data file formats (variant call format (vcf), 23andMe file format, decodeMe). – Users can browse genetic data in an integrated Genome Browser – Users can order the printing of their own 3D proteins – Users can access a calculator tool that allows selection or de-selection of individual genetic variants for a single trait in order to estimate the relative contribution of each variation to overall estimated risk for that trait. myWobble is not a medical or diagnostic test or tool, and does not provide medical interpretation of your genetic data. Wobblebase, Inc respects your privacy and does not access, sell, lease, or rent your genetic information as uploaded in myWobble.

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